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Government Benefit Preservation in Mass Tort Cases - Taxi or Train?

Posted by Mark Newton on Dec 1, 2017 11:54:00 AM

Taxi or train? If you're traveling alone or with a couple of friends or co-workers, the answer to this question is based on time, cost, and convenience. If traveling with 100 others, the answer becomes straightforward - take the train! Can you imagine the logistics of getting 100 people in taxis and delivering them promptly to the same destination? It's not the appropriate solution when dealing with lots of people. The same is true for how mass tort firms deal government benefit preservation for large numbers of clients. 

The myriad of mass tort "solutions" for government benefit preservation has ranged from call centers to special needs planning law firms, structured settlement brokers giving the advice, to worst of all, requiring that claimants just sign an acknowledgment that they could lose some or all of their benefits.

The reason for these less than ideal solutions is simple. Most mass tort attorneys got their start working single event cases. Over time, their law practice grew to include mass tort cases, but their procedures didn't necessarily follow. Therefore, some old ways of claimant processing remained. The way in which claimant benefits are addressed is perhaps the worst of these "old ways".

The proper way to address government benefit preservation in mass torts is through technology. We have developed a methodology to deliver accurate, scalable, and written government benefit advice to mass tort claimants. Utilizing technology, we can increase the speed of the settlement process and claimant participation. see automated claimant education

Call centers delay the case. Overwhelming a special needs law firm is costly and doesn't work. Having structure brokers deliver benefits advice to mass tort claimants is obviously inappropriate. Technology is the best answer.


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